Split Tees

Split Tees/Markers

In our attempt to comply with Equality Guidelines prescribed by Golf Australia, we are implementing the following changes at the club.

✓ All members incl. social players, male and females have the ability to play off black, blue or white markers.

✓ This will benefit all of you as you will now have the ability to play off any markers in relation to your ability & how you wish to play the course on that given day.

You are required to nominate to the pro shop before play which markers you will want to play on for competition play that day.

✓ All players during competition play will still be in 1 competition regardless of the tees nominated per player. The different scratch rating will adjust the score accordingly to the leaderboard.

✓  Different DCRs will be set for each tee on the given day once the competition is sent to Golf Australia.
e.g. If player 1 plays off the black tees and player 2 plays off the white tees, both players will have a different DSR once the competition is sent to Golf Australia.
e.g. Player 1 playing the black tees could have a DCR of 75 but player 2 playing the same day in the same competition off the white tees could have a 68 DCR

✓ This change has come into effect now but is only in effect midweek.
This ruling will come into play for the weekend at a later date.

Black tee slope rating Men – 127
Black tee scratch rating  Men – 73
Black tee slope Women’s –  146
Black tee scratch rating Women’s –  79
Blue tee slope rating Men – 124
Blue tee scratch rating  Men – 70
Blue tee slope Women’s – 140
Blue tee scratch rating Women’s – 77
White tee slope rating Men – 119
White tee scratch rating  Men – 68
White tee slope Women’s – 134
White tee scratch rating Women’s – 74