Saturday Tee Time Changes

At a board meeting that was held earlier this week, the issue of Saturday timesheets was discussed. Since returning from the COVID19 lockdown, our member participation (and green fee participation) has been very high. As a result, many members have been struggling to get their names on the timesheet in both the morning and afternoon fields on saturdays.

As we cannot have shotgun starts due to strict social distancing restrictions, tee times have been reduced due to daylight availability in both the morning and evening. In an effort to try and assist our members to get a game in on a Saturday morning, the below arrangements will be put into place from Saturday 4 July:

✔ Saturday morning field will be Members only. No visitors or guests will be permitted to play on Saturday morning.
✔ All tee times off the 1st tee and the first 4 tee times off the 10th on a saturday afternoon will be for members Only. No green fees will be permitted to play in those tee times.
✔ No further paid times will be available this financial year. The board will be reviewing paid tee times in the coming months to determine if this arrangement needs refining.
✔ The match committee and/or board will continually review these arrangements during the winter months to ensure our members are getting games of golf on a Saturday. If, or when, shot gun starts become available, these arrangements may change.

With many Members wanting to play on a saturday, it is extremely important that you delete your name from the timesheet if you are not able to play. Apart from the courtesy side of things, it is important from a club prospective that we give all our members every opportunity to play on a saturday (given this may be the only day they are able to play). So therefore, please support us in doing the right thing if you are unable to play.

If there are any changes to the above arrangements, updates will be provided accordingly.

Thank you,
Match Committee