Whitris Shield (Match Play)


Please note that the information on this page is only relevant for the members in competing for the 2021 Whitris Shield (Singles Match Play) tournament.

So what’s this event and how does it work?

  1. Singles Handicapped Matchplay is an event where you will compete in a knockout style match against another opponent. To find out more about how match-play works, please see here.
  2. The draw for the event can be found here or is attached or you can also view the draw also by logging into members.mtderrimut.com.au and visit “Bookings & Information”. You’ll find this event under the date 21st June 2021.
    Please ignore the fact that the event states “results”. This is an ongoing event that will run until we have a winner.
    Please note that the draw online will be kept up-to-date throughout all matches.
    Please note that this draw is in a butterly format. Your name may be on the left hand side of the draw or the right.
  3. As per the draw, the rounds are as follows:
    a) Round 1 to be completed within 3 weeks between 21/06/2021 – 12/07/2021
    b) Round 2 to be completed within 2 weeks between 12/07/2020 – 26/07/2021
    c) Round 3 to be completed between 26/07/2021 – 09/08/2021
    d) Round 4 to be completed between 09/08/2021 – 23/08/2021
    e) Quarter Finals to be completed between 23/08/2021 – 06/09/2021
    d) Semi Finals to be completed between 06/09/2021 – 20/09/2021
    e) Final to be completed between 20/09/2021 – 04/10/2021
  4. All matches must commence from 1st tee and from the black markers of the day. This event is to NOT be played from the “plates”.
  5. Matches can be played on any date during the above dates when it is convenient for you and your opponent. Please communicate with your opponent directly to organise this.
    You will find contact details by logging into the member portal and by accessing the “Members Directory” section.
  6. Once a date/time has been organised, please book yourselves in.
  7. All matches shall be played over 18 holes handicap match play. If a match is square after the completion of 18 holes then the match shall continue (from 1st tee) until one player secures the win.
  8. IMPORTANT: The match is to be played in accordance with the Golf Australia Recommended Match Index. This means that your match is to NOT be played in accordance with the Stroke Index of our course. If there is any confusion about this, please reply to this email and/or see more information below.
  9. Please note that there are some nuances in how match play rules apply. If you’re unfamiliar with Match Play rules, please visit here.
  10. Any disputes or queries regarding scheduling or rules must be referred to myself via email via captain@mtderrimut.com.au.
  11. Carts are permitted for use for this event.

What happens before my match?

  1. Before your round, you would have hopefully practiced and brought your A-game!
  2. Equally as importantly, you would have organised a date/time with your opponent.
  3. You are to report to the pro shop and inform them you are playing your matchplay event as part of the Whitris Shield.


What happens after my match?

  1. The winner of each match is to report the final score to me via email to captain@mtderrimut.com.au or SMS 0423 867 581.
  2. If you’ve won, you will progress to the next stage of the event.
  3. If you’ve lost, unfortunately, you’ve been knocked out of the event – better luck next year.
  4. After each round, I will report back with progress to build up the drama of where the matches are at. You will also find your names on social media as I will also be creating noise about this event on our social platforms.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How was the draw generated?
    The draw was randomly generated via our Golf Operations software (MiClub). There was no seeding used to calculate the draw.
  2. Why do some people get a Bye for Round 1 and I don’t?
    This event has 82 players and to have a knockout style tournament, some people got byes. For no-one to have byes, we would have needed either 64 players or 128 players exactly.
  3. I have a bye for Round 1 my next opponent also has a Bye for Round 1, can we play before the start of Round 2? 
    Yes, play your opponents as soon as you can and the start dates of each round are just a guide.
  4. Me & my opponent can’t seem to find a time that suits within the round dates.
    Due to the large number of opponents, this is just something you and your opponent are going to have to sort out. If you can’t complete your match by or very close to the due date, you or I will be flipping a coin to decide a winner. Please email me if any issues. We hope you can understand the difficulty in trying to manage everyone and their matches myself.
  5. So, how does the Handicapped match play work and which holes do I receive/give shots in?
    As per the Golf Australia Recommended Match Index, Holes 1 to 18 are rated differently and are NOT the same index as our course. For example, Hole 17 on our course is rated the hardest (number 1) but according to this index, 17 is actually 17th “easiest”.
    Therefore, you need to calculate your handicap difference against your opponent and give/receive shots based on this Match Index.
    Here is an example: Pratik Dhody plays off 5 and Jonathon Stevens plays off 10. This means that Pratik will need to give Jonathon 5 shots and these will be on holes 4, 8, 10, 12 & 16.