Casual Staff Fundraiser via GoFundMe

Mt Derrimut Golf & Community Club has had to temporarily close it’s doors to the following services as a result of COVD19 closures enforced by Golf Australia & the Australian government:-

✅ Golf Course
Mini Golf
Driving Range
Restaurant & Bar

Some of you may not know this but behind the scenes, there are a number of casual staff that operate the services listed above.
Unfortunately due to the temporarily closures, these staff members are out of work and/or are relying on their accrued leave during this closure period to earn any income.

To support our beloved staff members, we ask you to please consider a contribution which you are comfortable with. For clarity, all contributions will be split in the following manner:-

✅ 50% allocated to proshop staff, range staff & restaurant/bar staff
✅ 50% allocated to admin staff & course staff

We request for you to please dig deep. Some of you are lucky enough to still be employed working from home so whilst these individuals can’t do the same so as a result, this is the least we can do for them <3. to donate now.

If in the meantime you have any questions and/or wish to discuss these contributions in any further detail, please contact Pratik Dhody via who is running this fundraising campaign on behalf of the board & management staff at Mt Derrimut Golf & Community Club.


Please note that the casual staff that will directly benefit from your donation include:-
✅ Jake Sayer @ Proshop (currently having to be forced to take annual/long service leave)
✅ Jenna Hunter @ Proshop (not paid and has no annual leave as she’s only recently started at the proshop)
✅ Jacqueline Tse @ Proshop
✅ Jessie La & any other casual staff @ Proshop
✅ Kevin @ Driving Range
✅ Andy Poulter @ Driving Range
✅ Aashish Sudarsanan @ Driving Range
✅ Belva/Tam @ Restaurant/Bar (not accruing any sales)
✅ Laura @ Restaurant/Bar
✅ Chris @ Restaurant/Bar
✅ Any other casual staff @ Restaurant/Bar
✅ Any casual staff @ Course