Starts Now! – 2020 Whitris Shield – Singles Match Play

Attention all players!

Firstly, just want to say thank you for all entering into this year’s Singles Handicapped Matchplay event (Whitris Shield). I’m running this event on behalf of our club captain Stephen Decker. Stephen, thank you for the opportunity of running this event on behalf of our club.
This is an important event to me as I’m a massive advocate for the Matchplay style golf format. Some of you may know that our club also competes in this format against other clubs via the North West Pennant and Golf Australia Pennant. Hopefully, with your involvement in this event within our club, you will show interest in representing the club in pennant competitions in the future.
So what’s this event and how does it work?
✅ Singles Handicapped Matchplay is an event where you will compete in a knockout style match against another opponent.
To find out more about how match-play works, please see here.
✅ The draw for the event can be found here, or is attached or you can also view the draw also by logging into and visit “Bookings & Information”. You’ll find this event under the date ’22nd June’ as per the screenshot below.
Please ignore the fact that the event states “results”. This is an ongoing event that will run until we have a winner by 13th September.
Please note that the draw online will be kept up-to-date throughout all matches.
✅ As per the draw, the rounds are as follows:
a) Round 1 to be completed between 22/06/2020 – 12/07/2020
b) Round 2 to be completed between 13/07/2020 – 02/08/2020
c) Quarter Finals to be completed between 03/08/2020 – 16/08/2020
d) Semi Finals to be completed between 17/08/2020 – 30/08/2020
e) Final to be completed between 31/08/2020 – 13/09/2020
✅ All matches must commence from 1st tee and from the black markers of the day. This event is to NOT be played from the “plates”.
✅ Matches can be played on any date during the above dates when it is convenient for you and your opponent. Please communicate with your opponent directly to organise this.
✅ You will find contact details by logging into the member portal and by accessing the “Members Directory” section.
✅ Once a date/time has been organised, please book yourselves in. If any assistance is required with bookings, please contact the proshop (03 8737 9011 or
✅ All matches shall be played over 18 holes handicap match play. If a match is square after the completion of 18 holes then the match shall continue (from 1st tee) until one player secures the win.
✅ The match is to be played in accordance with the Golf Australia Recommended Match Index. This means that your match is to NOT be played in accordance with the Stroke Index of our course. If there is any confusion about this, please reply to this email.
✅ Please note that there are some nuances in how match play rules apply. If you’re unfamiliar with Match Play rules, please visit here.
✅ Any disputes or queries regarding scheduling or rules must be referred to myself or the pro shop.
✅ Carts are permitted for use for this event.

What happens before my match?

✅ Before your round, you would have hopefully practised and brought your A-game!
✅ Equally as importantly, you would have organised a date/time with your opponent.
✅ You are to report to the pro shop and inform them you are playing your matchplay event as part of the Whitris Shield.

What happens after my match?

✅ The winner of each match is to report the final score to me via email (
✅ If you’ve won, you will progress to the next stage of the event.
✅ If you’ve lost, unfortunately, you’ve been knocked out of the event – better luck next year .
✅ After each round, I will report back with progress to build up the drama of where the matches are at.

Hopefully, you’ve found the above information useful and can now progress with your matches. If you’re stuck, confused or need anything clarified, please let me know.
Best of luck!