Volunteer Cup – 4th September 2018

What is it?

The event will be held at Eynesbury Golf Club on Tuesday, 4th of September 2018.
The event will be an Ambrose Event where you will be partnered up and will golf it out in pairs to win the event.
Golf round, golf carts, lunch and drinks will be provided šŸ™‚

Why have this event?

The club has decided to dedicate a special event to celebrate the enormous amount of contribution to-date from all our Volunteers.
To note some achievements, the club has increased volunteer numbers from 3 to 30 within 12 months!
Volunteer work to-date has been from a variety of areas including admin, golf course, marketing, fundraising, digital (web/social) and more.

How Do I Join?

RSVP by 30th August 2018 to Lee on 0422 150 736 or in person.

Can I Still Volunteer & Join This Event?

Unfortunately,Ā this event is only open to volunteers who have offered their services in the past or present.
Please start volunteering now by contacting Lee on 0422 150 736 as we will beĀ holding this event each year.

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