One Year Review (Sep 2017 – 2018)

One Year Review

It’s been a year since the New Board, Myself & the new Constitution were put in place. After reviewing what has been achieved in this time, it’s truly exciting to see. Many of the items have been completed behind the scenes, as we aimed to set a strong foundation from which the club was able to build. This took a lot longer than expected. However, now we are starting to
see some of these results become more visual which I hope your all enjoying.

Below are a few of the items that have improved or been delivered.

Clint Ebeyer

What have we achieved?

✔️First Women Board Member
✔️ Vision & Strategy for The Club Set
✔️$143K of Financial Improvement
✔️Introduced New Base Membership & Tee Times
✔️Set 3 Year Solar Plan & Commenced
✔️New World Class Pro Shop Under Construction
✔️ Negotiated $74K Water Credit
✔️2 Projects Completed
✔️Negotiated Council $54K Credit + $14K PA Saving
✔️Improved Financial Clarity & Data
✔️Created Master Plan for Club
✔️New Constitution & Team Structures
✔️Setup Online File Storage (Had Nothing Prior)
✔️Removed Almost All ‘Deals’ Not Benefiting Club
✔️Events & Pro Shop Committed to Improve
✔️New Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
✔️First Club Ambassador (Mark Allen)
✔️Craig Parry Re-Committed to Club & Helping
✔️Created System Based Business
✔️Set Strategy for Club
✔️Changed Cart Hire Structure
✔️Increased AFL Player Memberships
✔️Changed Club Name to Improve Image
✔️Massive Accounting & MiClub Upgrade
✔️1,200+ Extra Volunteer Hours On Course
✔️New Medley Competition (Started 1/10/18)
✔️Completed First Crypto Currency Transaction
✔️Cleaned Up Entire Database
✔️Created Volunteer & Trade Register
✔️Added New Gator for Greens Team
✔️Developed Nursery to Grow 1500+ Plants

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