Member Update Feb ’19


As you are all aware, the club has been making some significant improvements both on and off course over the past 12 months. Our memberships are up significantly from 386 to 461 and so are the number of people playing our course. The next 2 weeks will see the launch of our #getonboard campaign! We have had some great support creating this and we hope all our members will help the club by sending this information to fellow friends to get them to join our great club. WE CAN’T WAIT TO RELEASE THIS TOO EVERYONE!

In 2019, we have made many improvements for ALL our members to enjoy. See below what your 2019 will include:

Towards 100 Program

✓ All members will have access to the program
✓ Program lead by Danny Frawley
✓ Wednesday’s and Saturdays weekly
✓ Free health check machine will be onsite for free use
✓ Access to online information
✓ Professional speakers EVERY week

Golf Victoria Card

✓ New card where you more courses can be accessed for free
✓ Golf West Card remains

Bunker Levy

✓ All members will contribute towards bunker levy
✓ We will commence a redo on hole 12 immediately
✓ All problem bunkers to be redone over time
✓ Bunkers was #1 issue in latest survey to fix


✓ Veteran’s will see no price increase
✓ Veteran’s category will now be anyone 70+ years old
✓ Fixed tee times $100 for anytime
✓ New 9 Hole weekly golf competitions
✓ No 5 Day Memberships (Base or 7 day memberships only)
✓ New hole in one competition
✓ New member pack available 1st April
✓ 7 Day memberships will be increased by $100

Over the next week, we will commence renewal notifications to all members and updating our online portal for renewals as well. If you have paid early, you will just receive the Bunker Levy fee. The levy is exciting as we will now be able to actively improve the course and move towards our Master Plan for the course. Craig Parry is working with myself, Lee and Geoff to complete the bunker redesigns and improvements (Thanks Craig!). Our aim is to complete two bunkers initially, then assess the results then move towards improving all the problem bunkers.

The introduction of the Towards 100 Program is really exciting. Danny Frawley and I have been working on this for a while now and look forward to kicking it off in March. We will confirm dates and how to register in the coming weeks. The logo for the program is below.

Each session is 30 minutes from the speaker (changes every week) and 30 minutes of physical activity. Aimed for people between 18 – 100 years old. Our purpose is to improve the health and well being of our club members and the entire community through education and activity. Danny is so passionate about this field and we are sure to see some great results with him on Board. Sisu Wellness have helped out with the use of their free health check machine which will be at our club for everyone to use. See below.

Hopefully we can continue to improve on our progress with memberships, people playing golf and overall club & community improvement. As always, any questions feel free to email them through.

Thanks and happy golfing.

Clint Ebeyer | Chairman |

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