Dashboard: September Quarter 2018

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Dashboard: September Quarter 2018

Members & our community,

“If you don’t evolve, you die”
BILL GATES – Microsoft Founder
This is an extremely relevant quote given the potential ‘merger’ of Huntingdale (elite sandbelt course) and the National Golf Club. Golf is in a changing market and has been for a while. If you don’t ‘Evolve’, you will die. Our club was well on it’s way to death when our new Board was appointed just over a year ago. This decision by the members, will hopefully result in the evolution needed to make our club an industry leader like we should be. An opportunity exists everywhere, it’s just whether you take it OR like many clubs, make short-term uninformed decisions.
One of the Board delivered me a very deep insight into the direction our club was heading should change have not occurred. He had it that should change have not occurred, the club would have been in the hands of our mortgagees sometime in late 2019! Not what any of us would have liked as then our destiny would have been out of our hands should the club have been sold. Scary truth. Thanks to the success of the volunteer program, a committed board and being able to improve our financial positions, we are turning the ship around. As you are aware, I have had some positive conversations with other clubs and organisations which will have a hugely positive impact on the progress and improvement of our club.
The last quarter has again seen some great results at the club. Positive things are happening on all levels at the club and our quarterly dashboard can be found here which confirms many of the below points with factual data that we now have access to (another significant improvement made in the past year). A few points are:-
✔️Memberships have again grown in the quarter from 422 to 445 (+23 new members)
✔️Volunteer hours again increased from 31 to 33.2 hours PER WEEK!
✔️Solar Project completed resulting in massive long-term cost savings for the club
As you would have noticed around the club, the new Pro Shop renovations are nearly complete. There have been so many volunteers helping us with the project (too many to name them all in this update) but it’s the reason this project is able to be delivered. I will make one example of the help received though in Brendan Cauchi who contacted his supplier on our behalf, Dulux, and was able to get them to donate over $1,000 of paint for us to use! Great work Brendan! Along with the Pro Shop, the new front entry ramp is nearing completion, our events calendar for 2019 is complete, the MiClub transition is almost complete and more.
The coming quarter will complete our full reporting year and moving forward, we will be reporting on a calendar year basis. This will allow the club to complete an AGM & Presentation night as one yearly event. Our aim is to improve this event and make it a more prestigious night. Whilst this will take time, we will work on the 2019 edition being the best version of the night so far. With Mark Allen hosting the evening delivering a high level of experience and professionalism, this is a great start 🙂
This current quarter we aim to complete the following:
✔️Improve our volunteer program
✔️Progress talks to have a new ‘master dam’ created
✔️Finalise our marketing strategy (Board to approve)
✔️Increase high profile engagement & networking
✔️Complete hole sponsorships (all 18!)
✔️Setup events calendar and get volunteers to help with each event
✔️Pro Shop move completed (looking amazing so far!)
✔️Front Entry ramp complete + front garden
✔️New rough mower purchased
✔️Increase nursery back to 1500+ plants
✔️Office & Entry cleared out
✔️Raise awareness of our club
Many exciting and progressive targets for the quarter. But most exciting of all, will be the launch of the draft version of the Club’s community club layout. The initial draft has been viewed by a few people for opinions but the final version I hope to be able to release after the next board meeting if approved. This is the 2nd of 4 stages. Once all complete and feedback from members and the community has been received, we will submit our plans to the council for approval.
As always, feel free to contact me if you have any ideas which can help us improve our club. Thanks to all our committed greens team and pro shop who have actively been helping our volunteers to keep our club moving forward and making the pro shop move become a reality. Great work and keep it up!

Clint Ebeyer

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