01/07 – COVID-19 Update

On Tuesday 30th June, the Victorian State Government announced changes to apply further restrictions relating to COVID-19. The official announcement can be found here. Today (Wednesday 1st July), we have also received a communication from Golf Australia in relation to these new restrictions. This communication can be found here.

The purpose of this update is to advise you of how this impacts our club and you from 11.59pm Wednesday 1st July 2020.

Is the Mt Derrimut Golf & Community Club precinct still open?

As our club resides in the 3026 postcode, we remain open and operations are un-impacted by the latest COVID-19 restrictions. This includes all of the following areas of our precinct:

✅ Proshop & Golf Course
✅ Restaurant / Bar
✅ Driving Range
✅ Mini Golf
✅ Coaching

What is the club doing to keep you and it’s staff safe?

A communication was sent to you yesterday outlining the protective measures our club has in place in each of the above areas. A copy of this communication can be found here.

I live in a postcode or suburb that is restricted, what does this mean for me?

As a result of the restrictions and golf being classified as a non-essential activity (by Victorian State Government), we ask all members and guests to our entire precinct to observe these heightened restrictions and not attend the club for any reason prior to July 29th or until restrictions are lifted. If this is you & you play golf at our course, we ask that you remove your name from any timesheets and not book yourself in during the restriction period on your postcode. If you need assistance with this, please call our proshop on 03 8373 9011 (Option 1). We understand that this is an unfortunate situation if you do reside in these impacted postcodes but as a club, we need to protect our members and guests & ensure we comply to State Government guidelines.

I’m a member of the golf club and I’m impacted, what does this mean to my membership?

At this stage, no decision has been made which impacts your membership tenure. If you pay monthly and are experiencing financial difficulty, please contact accounts@mtderrimut.com.au to discuss your situation further.

I’m a visitor the the club and I’m outside the impacted areas, are there any changes I need to be aware of?

No, at this stage you are safe to visit our precinct. Effective from tonight though, you will be required to enter some of your details (such as First Name, Post Code, Time of Arrival) in a log book. Please make sure you enter this information as this is to keep you safe if any outbreak does occur in the future at our precinct.

The last thing we want is the safety and the wellbeing compromised of anyone who attends the Club, and also avoid any further restrictions spreading to neighbouring postcodes which could significantly impact our operations or even worse, force us to close for a period of time once again.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our board via president@mtderrimut.com.au.

Stay safe and thank you for your cooperation.
Board & Management Team @ Mt Derrimut Golf and Community Club

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