COVID19 Update – 09/06/2021

Well, that’s awesome isn’t it! With restrictions confirmed to ease, we are happy to announce that our entire facility will be open from Friday with certain strict rules and restrictions in place. Please read below.

General (applies to ALL areas of the precinct)

✔️ You are to ONLY enter the premise if you reside within 25km of the precinct. You MUST carry proof of identification as you MAY be asked to prrovide evidence. If you are found to be at the precinct when you shouldn’t be, we will be enforcing a strict ban for a period of time.

✔️ If you are at all sick or have symptoms, you are to not enter the precinct.

✔️ Masks are mandatory indoors and must be carried with you at all times. Masks are also mandatory outdoors and while playing golf. No exception, be respectful and do the right thing.

✔️ You MUST scan the QR code upon entry everytime you visit the club house/proshop/golf course or driving range or restaurant/bar. There are seperate QR codes in all these areas. Don’t be a hero, just scan the code!

Golf Course/Clubhouse & Proshop Area

✔️ As per above, only enter this area if you reside within 25km of the precicint.
✔️ The onus is on you to remove yourself from the teesheet if you are currently booked in & can’t play due to any of these restrictions.
✔️ Teesheets are now open. Existing bookings will be honoured.
✔️ No competitions will be allowed until further notice.
✔️ No cards will be accepted for handicapping purposes.
✔️ Putting green will be closed until further notice.
✔️ Best way to book is to visit Our staff will not be picking up calls until Friday.

Driving Range, Mini Golf & Restaurant/Bar Area

✔️ As per above, only enter these areas if you reside within 25km of the precinct.
✔️ The driving range and mini golf facilities will be open with restrictions. There may be a wait for your turn so please wait in your vehicles if asked to.