Chairman Update: December 2018

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Chairman Update: December 2018

Dear Members & Our Community,

TONY ROBBINS – Worlds Leading Life & Business Strategist

This quote sums up the golf industry in Australia perfectly. Change has been coming for some time, but almost no clubs have progressed. This is our opportunity. Our Board and myself have mapped out several key area’s for the club the continue it’s brilliant progress from 2018. I’ve listed two of the major area’s we are looking to progress in 2019 in line with the overall strategy “To deliver the most enjoyable golf & community experience”:

AWARENESS (Make people aware of our great course & club) 
This space in our marketing strategy was weak and hence we have been working to improve the awareness of the Club & Course. This will be complete by using many of our strong connections with the likes of Danny Frawley, Mark Allen, our 20+ AFL players and more (many very exciting new and improved connections in 2019 to be announced)

LOYALTY (Improving the loyalty of our members) 
Loyalty is one of the most important aspects to continuing the improvement of our club. A few (of the many) items we will be working on in 2019 to improve the loyalty of our new and existing members are; introducing a new free health program (called ‘Towards 100’) run by Danny Frawley, increasing rewards for our volunteers whilst working to double our volunteer team (good time to start volunteering ;)), commencing our new events calendar which increases the number of events at the club (on and off course), improving the golf course and much more.

 Over the coming weeks we will make several exciting announcements around these points!

I’d like to thanks Mark Allen and Danny Frawley for attending our last Board meeting of 2018. Great to have 2 positive & like mind people on board helping progress our club. Both spoke to the Board around why they have decided to get on board to help improve our club and what they look to bring to the table.

Here’s some of the items we covered in our meeting:

✔️ Towards 100 Program with Danny Frawley
✔️ 2018 Financial Review
✔️ Refined Board Monthly Report (Dashboard)
✔️ Discussed changes to Master Plan
✔️Confirmed New Golf events for 2019
✔️New Business connection program
✔️ Discussed Meetings had by Myself with key Individuals & organisations
✔️ Reviewed & Finalised Marketing Strategy 2019
✔️ Approved Graduate Events Co Ordinator in line with advisor’s view
✔️ Discussed Government & Funding for Master Plan
✔️ MiClub upgrade complete (all contractors & club on one system)
✔️ Club commenced Accounting System integration through Pro Shop business
✔️ Water Position (Major Project Progress)
✔️Finalised Board decision making process
✔️ Discussed not renewing problem members in 2019 to improve culture
✔️Events Calendar 2019 Approved (starting with 20% of events to be actioned)
✔️Full review of Survey (175 people completed survey – Thanks)
✔️ Discussed how we will increase women members & engagement at the club
✔️ Confirmed new Club Captain & President Structures
✔️ Membership 2019 simplification and increased value add for members


 Positive Results

✔️ 91.5% believed the Club has improved in the past year
✔️90.8% found these updates informative (thanks ;))
✔️ 90.5% thought communication had improved
✔️ 93.6% felt the new Board & Chairman have improved the club
✔️ Commence dress code draft (#1 of responses)
✔️ Commence weekly 9 hole (#2)
✔️ Commence hole in one competition (#3)
✔️Most people were unaware of the cost of our competition
✔️ Pro Shop Service 93/100 (brilliant work Geoff & team)
✔️ Course Ranking 82/100 (improvement on 2017, well done Lee & team)
✔️ Catering Service 84/100 (always a happy team behind the bar )

Improvement Area’s (less than 8/10) based on feedback are:

✔️Organisation of the Club
✔️Bunkers (on course)
✔️Price of Food & Beveridge (catering)
✔️Tee Boxes (on course)
✔️Product Range (pro shop)
✔️Event attendance
✔️Driving Range
✔️Hours Members Bar is open

As mentioned in the last update, our meetings are now becoming far more productive which is enjoyable. The collection of the data and member/ community feedback is enabling the Board and myself to make more informed decisions about many items to ensure we continue to turn the club around and make it the #jewelofthewest.

Connected with this update, is our quarterly dashboard. I want to share a few really impressive results the club has achieved in the past 12 months with you:

✔️Membership went from 386 to 457 up 19%! (Industry average – 1.1%)
✔️Course Volunteers went from 5 to 61 up 1100%!!!
Women Members from 19 to 39 up 105%!
More Projects complete in 2018 than past 5 years combined!
Our Social Media Following grew on average 228%!
$170,000+ Improvement in on Profit!!!

We could have listed 100 things above which is truly exciting. The year upon reflection delivered a mountain of positives for the club all because of the hard work done by everyone, volunteers to employees to contractors. Having accurate data now we are able to accurately assess our performance as a club. What was truly impressive was that in 2018, we spent almost nothing promoting the club. Our focus was laying a foundation to build from which meant many promotional deals, traditional advertising and so forth were removed, yet we were able to have a significant increase in our membership, cart hire and rounds of golf played (up 500 on 2017)!

As we transition from foundation building to growing the club, we will start looking at multiple indicators to assess our success. With our vision to create an enjoyable and engaged club, there are many new initiatives starting this year. These will be not directly targeting memberships, but to deliver everyone who attends our club an experience that they will enjoy.

Over the coming weeks we will commence announcing many of the new events and partnerships we have created to enhance our club and make the overall experience for EVERYONE enjoyable. Creating a culture where everyone is out to simply enjoy life is absolutely at the fore front of our focus. As a start though, I am happy to announce the introduction of a $5 weekly 9 hole competition for anyone to enter (no Golf link needed) & a $2 hole in one competition on the 9th hole. This will simply record anyone entering the competition, then if a hole in one is hit on the 9th, the winner receives all the prize money to spend at the club! Need a new set of clubs…then hit an ace n 9!

As always, we need more people willing to help, so feel free to email or call myself if you can help in any way.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out in 2018, from our amazing Board, to all our committed volunteers and everyone else. We are blessed to have some of the most committed and passionate people in the industry, for that I’m truly thankful.

Looking forward to continuing the momentum we have as a club into 2019 and beyond.


ps: Get well soon Phil! 🙂

Clint Ebeyer
Mt Derrimut Golf Club

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